17 Hidden Features of Facebook Messenger That You May Not Know

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uomo cerca donna Asti You don’t need a Facebook account to use Messenger.

uomo cerca uomo Padova If you’re on Android, multiple people can login into Messenger at once.

Messenger.com is a great way to use the app on the web without logging into Facebook.

Messenger isn’t just for sending texts; you can make voice and video calls for free over the Internet.

It hides messages from people it thinks you don’t know.

It can also make group audio calls.

You can send someone an audio recording.

You can customize the look of a conversation by changing the group name, participants’ nicknames, and the chat colors.

You can assign a dedicated emoji for a conversation that sits only one tap away.

You can send or request money in Messenger by linking your bank account.

Messenger lets you share your phone’s location with friends.

It can integrate with lots of other apps, like Dropbox and Bitmoji.

Uber and Lyft can get you a ride without leaving Messenger.

You can create your own Messenger username and QR code photo tied to your account. People can use your account name or code to add you.

Some companies will give you customer support over Messenger.

It is also letting companies create chat bots, which can do things like deliver you the news, order flowers, and tell you the weather.

Eventually you’ll be able to use “M,” Facebook’s virtual assistant that will be able to do things like book a flight to call your cable company.

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