19 Iqama Professions That Are Suspended for Renewal?

slot oyunları 77 com You all know by now that Saudi Arabia strictly implements Saudization or the nationalization of jobs and sectors such as banks, government, telecom and those at the retail shops.

blackjack yan bahis nasıl yapılır Accordingly, in an unfortunate event for the expats, there are primarily 19 categories in the Iqamathat can no longer be renewed whether an expat is working in private or public sectors – no exception. This is in reference to the published article of blog site, Saudi-expatriates.com

iş makinası oyunları pc According to this expat blog, which need more deep verification, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia has suspended renewing Iqama permits of expatriates whose job profession is reserved for Saudi nationals

It is imperative to know that each category will have many subcategories. For example, SALESMAN will come under Van Salesman, Showroom Salesman, Key Account Salesman etc.

casino slot makina hileleri Here are the 19 Iqama professions that are ‘no longer’ eligible for renewal:

  1. Accountant
  2. Secretary
  3. Salesman
  4. Administrator
  5. Sales Manager
  6. Sales Supervisor
  7. Finance Manager
  8. Chief Accountant
  9. Senior Accountant
  10. Office Manager
  11. Sales Assistant
  12. Administration Manager
  13. Office Boy
  14. Driver
  15. Receptionist
  16. Warehouse Manager
  17. Forklift Operator
  18. Logistics Supervisor
  19. Human Resource Manager

To address this issue, here’s what you can do:

1. Ask your HR officer to verify this ‘news.’ There might be another update superceding this article.

2. To avoid future problem and if your Iqama profession falls under these categories, you should definitely ask your HR / Admin / PRO / GRO to change it (that is if you still intend to stay longer in the company). There’s, of course, an exception to those regulated professions such as Engineers, because it has its own specific procedure.

Source: Expatvine


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