5 Good Filipino Values

g slots Close to Family

Family is the foundation of a nation, in Philippines it is a culture of being close to the family. Its not new to us, that many families living in one home that we usually called extended family It means that distance relatives such as aunts, uncle grandparents would be living under the same house or in the same compound.

fodterapeut nykøbing f slotsgade Respect to elders

When we Filipinos talking with someone who is older or in position of authority we will always tend to use the tagalog equivalent of Ma’am or Sir which is “PO and OPO. There are also some simple words to show a sign of respect that we always say like kuya, ate, tita,tito manong, manang etc. But there is something in the Philippines that is really deep root culture for being a Filipino that is “Mano or  Mano Po”
“Mano or Mano po “is an act to show sign of respect to elders by grabbing their right hand and put in our forehead and say “Mano PO”.



 Hospitality is values of Filipinos by showing a heartwarming generosity and friendliness to every visitors come to our home.  Filipinos receives guests, even the strangers, in a warm and pleasant way. We do our best to make the visitor comfortable. Not only the upper class practices this kind of values, it can be fund among the poorest members of the society.

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charm king oyna Religious

Filipinos is the most r religious country in the world in fact 9 out of 10 Filipinos believes in God base on the survey conducted by NORC an American research group in University of Chicago. Philippines ranked as number 1 with 94% followed by Chili 88% and USA 81%
  king kof oyna Bayanihan
 Bayanihan means helping one another most especially in times of need without expecting anything in return. Filipinos strongly believe in helping their fellow countrymen in any possible way they can do to extend a helping hand. It is a beautiful Filipino mentality of helping one another.
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