AGOT ISIDRO: My eyes and ears open to the daily events that unfold

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dejting sverige Controversial actress Agot Isidro can’t help to keep mum on what happening in the society.

Vinstra From approval of SC to Marcos burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani to the newly elected USA President Trump and the tough Duterte Government.

Clearly, global shift is happening and in dangerous state.She said in her facebook post that she will remain vigilant to the world and uphold her opinion which means practicing still freedom of speech.

In Facebook.In her post, she said that a parent should impart their belief to their kids and educate them about the present society.She also believe that a kid should know more about his future and learn to care for it without feeling any fear.


Thank God for a restful sleep last night. Turned in early, maybe out of exhaustion from recent developments.

Today is a brand new day. Thoughts that ran through my mind as I was having breakfast:

What is happening is a global shift. For most of us, it challenges what we know to be right, decent and to some extent, comfortable.

And so we panic… We are lost, confused and we fearfully, question our beliefs.

As opinionated as I am, I know that I would have to deal with this in a more introspective manner. I would still remain vigilant, my eyes and ears open to the daily events that unfold. But most of all, I would continually hold on, ever so tightly, to equality, freedom of speech, integrity, justice, decency and compassion. Ideas I truly believe in.

I know that these days, all I can do is work from what is closest to me. I will try to be a good sister, co-worker, neighbor, employer. Hopefully, the goodness will bear fruit.

And I know I am in no position to say this, but if you have kids, impart to them what you believe in, show them what you hold dear, what is important to know for their future. That they don’t need to fear it.

Tough times ahead, the shifts are tectonic. Where do you stand?


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