Alberto Lina: If Duterte will appoint me as traffic czar, I will accept it. I think I can solve it

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One outgoing Cabinet member of the Aquino administration believes he can remedy the traffic headache that will be inherited in a few days by President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

Alberto Lina, the current Bureau of Customs (BOC) chief, confidently told ANC Headstart Tuesday (June 21) that he has what it takes to untangle Metro Manila’s perennially knotted roads.

“If Duterte will appoint me as traffic czar, I will accept it. I think I can solve it (traffic),” he said in the interview.

A factor that might discourage the incoming president from tapping Lina to any capacity is the reputation of the agency that he is leaving–the BOC.

Duterte earlier named the BOC as among the three most corrupt agencies in the country–and “The Punisher” hates corruption.

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To be fair, Lina took over the reins at the BOC from Commissioner John Sevilla only in April 2015 when the latter couldn’t seem to handle the politics that came with his job.

One thing that Lina has going in potentially solving the traffic crisis is his background in logistics: he is the founder of the Lina Group of Companies (LGC) which is mainly engaged in cargo forwarding and warehousing.
Lina is actually on his second tenure as BOC chief–he was appointed to the position by then-president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2005.

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