American Journalist to Jover Laurio: You are a paid hack, fraud and hungry for fame.

American Journalist and TV host  James Deakin wrote an open letter to Pinoy Ako Blog owner Jover Laurio after the latter was put in hot water after it was revealed that she’s receiving money from high-profile personalities to promote her website.

In the open letter, Deakin said that he already suspected before that the article wrote by Laurio last year about him and former Senator Bongbong Marcos was well-funded, but it was only confirmed now because of the revelation of Kris Aquino’s former financial manager Nicko Falcis.

Featured image used by Laurio in her article against Deakin and Bongbong Marcos.

He called Laurio a ‘paid hack’ and ‘fraud’ for claiming that she’s an independent blogger, but the truth is, she’s being funded by several people to promote her article against some politicians and individuals.

Deakin gave a hint that Laurio might face a lawsuit in the future for writing something terrible against him.

He also questioned the mainstream media for riding the article of Laurio, but now were silent about the #PaBoost issue.

You can read his whole open letter below:

I always knew I was the subject of a heavily funded troll attack back in Jan of 2018, but without hard proof, I just kept my mouth shut and took the heat. And boy was there plenty of it.

Thankfully I had a lot of very level-headed supporters that were savvy enough to see it for what it really was and kept on backing me, but it was still a very unpleasant ordeal with a personal cost that I just had to chalk up to experience.

Now, exactly 12 months later, after a falling out within their own camp, the truth comes out. Screenshots have been leaked. Lawsuits have been filed. And it runs pretty deep.

I know I’m just a pawn in a bigger game here, but the simple story here is: the attacks against me were sponsored, reactions were manufactured and monetized, and one “independent political blogger” who has been duping her followers for quite some time now, has finally gotten exposed for what she is—a paid hack. A shill. A fraud. A garden variety troll that is so hungry for fame and recognition that she hasn’t yet figured out that she is also being used by her high profile backers. Poor girl. She just wanted to fit in. And she did. For so long as she was doing their dirty work, of course.

But morally bankrupt bloggers aside (my lawyer can have fun with her) what I would like to know, however, is why the mainstream media—who were so quick to legitimize the troll attack by publishing stories back then when there was actually no story to write (they just rode off the artificial buzz generated by the funded attack and leaped in to get some hits) are now silent now that there is actual hard evidence, receipts and a confession that show it was all one big sham. A paid hit. A funded defamation campaign.

THIS, I would think, is ACTUAL news. Right? Or maybe I need to boost it first for it to qualify?

In the open letter, he also posted some photos to prove that Laurio’s article was funded.

In the photos, it showed that Laurio spent 18,000 pesos to promote the article she wrote about Deakin for seven days.

Source: James Deakin PinoyTrending

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