Bishop to drug war killers, supporters: Your names would be written on the walls of Hell!


dating sider anbefaling Woe to the “murderers” of the administration’s drug war and its supporters and those apathetic towards it: Your names would be written on the walls of Hell.

donna cerca uomo Trieste This was what Caloocan Bishop Pablo David said in his strongly-worded homily titled “A Prophetic Oracle Against Murderers” during the Mass celebrated in time for the first death anniversary of 17-year-old Kian delos Santos, who was accused as a drug courier and slain by cops.

donna cerca uomo Trapani “Because your crimes have reached the highest heavens, and the cries of the bereaved families of victims have been heard on the throne of Mercy, because you have been weighed and have been found wanting, therefore your names will be written on the walls of the deepest recesses of the underworld,” David said in Tagalog Friday (August 17).

coppia cerca uomo Foggia He continued, “You will stumble on the very swords you have used as weapons to bully the poor with. Your guilt will be borne by your children and your children’s children down to the fourth generation!”

donna cerca uomo Grosseto David did not mince words in slamming those who say drug addicts are not human, those who nab drug suspects without charges, those who do not respect human rights and those who accuse people of being drug users and pushers.

donna cerca uomo Campania “Woe to you who claim to be waging a war against illegal drugs but are killing its victims instead of saving them! You who order law enforcers to murder when their mandate is to protect the citizens and defend their right to a safe and secure environment,” he said.

The bishop also hit barangay captains, funeral handlers and boatmen who are supposedly in cahoots with “serial-killing death squads.”

“Woe to you barangay captains who are in collusion with killers! You who turn off street lamps and CCTV cameras on cue, except when the killers have failed to ‘coordinate’ properly with you!” David said.

He added: “Woe to you funeral handlers who are in cahoots with the murderers. You shamelessly arrive at the crime scenes, way ahead of the police! You who circle around human carcasses like vultures, preying on their families while they are still in a state of shock, charging nonrefundable down-payments and exorbitant funeral services!”

“Woe to you boatmen who, for a fee, drop the corpses of victims into the North Harbor with weights tied around their bodies so as to keep them from floating? You who have no qualms about literally following orders to ‘fatten the fish of Manila Bay?’ How can your consciences give you sleep at all?,” he said.

David was referencing President Rodrigo Duterte, who has said that slain drug suspects can be fed to fishes in Manila Bay until they grow fat.

Three years into his term, Duterte is still relentlessly waging a war against drugs, even as large amounts of illegal drugs reportedly enter the country.

Last week, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) seized magnetic lifters in Cavite thought to have contained a ton of shabu worth P6.8 billion.

While the drugs were not inside the lifters, the PDEA was able to make this conclusion based on their bomb sniffing dogs who were supposedly able to detect “traces” of shabu.

However, Bureau of Customs officials and Duterte himself have dismissed these claims. The President even said in a speech that these are just “speculation.”

According to government data, close to 4,300 drug suspects have fallen in police operations as of May 15. Among these is delos Santos, who was killed by police on August 16, 2018.

In his homily, David said the community would never forget what happened to delos Santos, then a Grade 12 student in a Catholic school.

CCTV footage showed police dragging a male matching delos Santos’ description to an alley where he was found dead. Witnesses also claim that police gave Delos Santos a gun and told him to run.

“Hinding-hindi natin kalilimutan ang karumal-dumal na nangyari noong nakaraang taon, na hanggang ngayon hindi pa nabibigyan ng resolusyon,” David said.

Source: Politiko

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