Cases filed against officials of the previous administration could be harassment.-De Lima



MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Leila de Lima said the cases filed against officials of the previous administration, including former president Benigno Aquino III, could be politically motivated or simply harassment.

De Lima, who served as justice secretary during the Aquino administration, said she was saddened by the filing of cases against Aquino, who finished his six-year term two weeks ago.

“It would’ve been okay if there was any basis or if the motives were legitimate,” De Lima said.

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De Lima also said it is disappointing to see that the families of the slain SAF members are being used for the political agenda of the people behind the criminal complaints against Aquino.

De Lima said instead of going after the former president, the focus of attention should be on the filing of criminal cases against those who killed the 44 SAF.

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Regarding the DAP, De Lima said there is also no basis to charge Aquino and former budget secretary Florencio Abad because they implemented the program in good faith.

De Lima said the DAP was clearly meant to help boost the economy by speeding up the use of public funds for priority projects, using the savings in the national budget.

De Lima expressed confidence that Aquino and his allies would be able to justify their roles on the two issues and come up with good, valid defenses.

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Source: Philppine Star

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