Duterte Camp Thanks to 14 Million Supporters In Social Media

DZMM- Thanks to unrelenting supporters on social media, presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte achieved in the 2016 elections victory that was aided in no small part by online supporters, a spokesman said.

Peter Laviña, Duterte’s spokesman, has expressed gratitude to millions of Filipinos who followed and campaigned for the Davao City mayor on social networking sites, according to a report on radio dzMM.

Laviña said they counted on the support of 14 million social media volunteers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These people, he said, helped create awareness on, popularized, and helped Duterte win despite the Davao mayor camp’s limited resources.

“Game-changer ang social media,” the dzMM report quoted Laviña as saying.

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Source: DZMM


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