Duterte to Manny V. Pangilinan: Just remember, you are only a puppet




Manny V Pangilinan of PLDT advised the Incoming administration to “get out of the way” and not to meddle too much, adding that “the company’s digital shift was likely to succeed if the government would not meddle too much.”

According to Inquirer report, “Some people, including people from the government, do not understand the implementation of major infrastructure needed to transform PLDT and Smart’s services into digital, and they could block the huge project, expected to be operational by 2018, because of lack of understanding of it,” Pangilinan said.

“The government’s share is to get out of the way,” he added

According to kapinoy.com report, Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte hits back to Manny Pangilinan “Just remember, you are only a puppet of the foreign based Salim Group, while I am the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines!”.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer , Kapinoy.com

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