Duterte’s Magic.: Chinese Coastguard shares their food and cigars with Filipino fishermen in Scarborough

Fishermens who already allowed to fish in the disputed Panatag Shoal narrated how the Chinese Coastguard treated them like brothers.

They were shocked when the Chinese Coastguards who patrolling the disputed area suddenly became friendly to them, they shared their food and cigars with the Filipino fishermen instead of shooting them again with water cannons.

In exchange, the Filipino fishermen also shared their catch with the Chinese Coastguard. They also thanked President Duterte for his efforts to ease the tension between China and Philippines.

Chinese Government also confirmed that they are going to end the shoal blockade.

Filipino fishermen were blocked by Chinese Coastguard in the Panatag Shoal for almost four years and their earnings was really affected by the four year blockage.

According to some fishermen, they can catch 30 tons of seafood, earning them 40,000 pesos a trip without any interference from the Chinese Coastguard.

The end of shoal blockage started weeks after President Duterte visited China and talked with high ranking Chinese officials including President Xi Jinping.

Even Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol were amazed by President Duterte’s magic.


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