Former ABS-CBN reporter explained why Duterte is taken out of context by journalists.

Here’s a very compelling explanation of former ABS-CBN reporter Ira Panganiban as to how and why Duterte is taken out of context by journalists, especially from the recent press conference in Davao City last May 31, 2016.

Here is Ira Panganiban’s opinion about this issue via a Facebook post:


If President Duterte is always taken out of context, then there are only two reasons why this is happening:
1. He does not speak clearly enough for the media to understand.
2. The media is deliberately misunderstanding him.
Sometimes the message is so unfamiliar, so out of the box, so radical that the minds of the messengers refuse comprehension simply because it is not what they expect to hear.
Most times the big media outfits deliberately mis-quote the President because he refuses to play ball with their power games. The big media, thinking they are so special, are appalled at a President who does not care for them.
Right now, the nation believes we are mostly bad guys out to get the President they voted in because media cannot seem to get their act together.
Sensational headlines are killing our credibility to the masses we always claim to serve.
And it does not serve anyone when media plays an “us against them” strategy.

Source: Facebook

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