Former GMA Newscaster Slams Bam Aquino: Huwag mo kaming idamay sa kabobohan puwede ba.

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Veteran broadcaster who are also known as the former host of the now-defunct talk show “Mel & Jay” Jay Sonza blasted Senator Bam Aquino on his Facebook post Wednesday.

Sonza, who’s now retired in working as a broadcaster lambasted Aquino for his statement that most of the Filipinos don’t understand the difference between ‘satire news’ and ‘real news’.

During the senate hearing on fake news, Senator Aquino gave an example how the netizens were deceived by satire news sites.

He said that netizen’s comments on some satire sites showed that the people thought that the news released by these sites were real.

However, when the readers visited the satire site’s about me page, the website owner would admit that they were only publishing articles for fun and not all the information that they were posted were real.

These statements of Aquino offended the veteran newscaster and called the senator a ‘silly’ for assuming that Filipinos were stupid enough to not understand what ‘satire’ is.

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Mr. Sonza said that he don’t really wanted to attack Bam Aquino, but he believe that he must criticize the senator because his salary and monthly allowance came from the taxpayers money.

The veteran newscaster explained that he was offended by Aquino’s statement because its like that the Senator meant that the Filipino netizens were stupid to be deceived by satire news sites.

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coppia cerca donna This is the whole post of Jay Sonza against Sen. Bam Aquino:

G*go ka ba Bam Aquino?
Ba’t mo sasabihing hindi kami nakakaintindi ng satire.
Huwag mo kaming idamay sa kabobohan puwede ba.

Why do you assume that we are as stupid as you are.
Ayaw kitang patulan, kaya lang taong bayan (kami) ang nagpapasuweldo sa iyo. Bukod sa suweldo mo may monthly allowance ka pa na P2,000,000.00.

With all these privileges, you have the temerity to call as names, the very people you pledged to serve.



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