Greco Belgica Defends Duterte: Haters dont read. Bashers are Hypocrites. Nagmamatalino lang sila.



One of Duterte’s ally  Greco Belgica slams the bashers on his facebook post. He said that the president is street wise and genius in negotiations in connection to the issue of relationship of Philippines to USA and China.

Belgica blows the bashers by calling them hypocrites and non-readers. The proud supporter also said that the achievements of current government for over 100 days happened only first time in the history of Philippines.Its all because of Duterte.

Narito ang kanyang Facebook post:

Bashers are Hypocrites!

Being independent and separating from the U.S. doesnt mean coming under China. Independence mean being on your own!

Haters dont read. Bashers are Hypocrites. Nagmamatalino lang sila. Duterte is not only street wise, he is a genius in negotiations. He is good, in foreign policy and understands human psychology better than the bashers and myself. Walang nakagawa ng ginagawa nya, and we are only barely over 100 days.

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He has tread a new direction for the country our previous leaders did not even dare to take. He saw the opportunity and seized it to make us who we are today. A place in international society our young heroes only dreamed of.

You should try travelling outside the country these days. You will be proud you are filipino and Duterte. Duterte is admired for his courage and wit and sense of history.

The little man of Asia is now the emerging leader of Asia.

First, China is no longer communist. They are free. Communism is just a concept they use to hold the country together. A strength in governance, and applying the laws against criminals we ought to do if want to progress as a country by remaining free and to get out of the shackles of communistic ideas. If not for too much politics, we are better of now. The Philippines is more communistic in its policies now than China.


He has not thrown down our relationship with the U.S. He put us as equal to any free nation in the world. World war 2, hindi pinasok ang Thailand dahil they were independent. We got into it because we were not. It was not our war. It was a war against the Americans and Japan.

Trading with the Chinese is not new to us. They have been here centuries before the Americans came. Over acting kayong mga haters but I give you to your opinion. Go to America and be citizens if you want. We want to be independent and free.

Stop being colonial! Not to America, nor to China. We are Filipinos! A country and a sovereign state! I will not be a citizen of any other nation but my own. We are just as good as they are. And we can be better than what we are today. And we must welcome the friendship of anyone who wants to be friends to us with mutual respect and honor due to a human being.

Our new relationship with China is different from what we have with the U.S. They are both unique and must be kept as friends. Real friends fight sometimes. But they dont have to stop being friends. If we can be friends to the U.S. why should we be enemies of China? Did not we keep our friendship with the U.S. when they occupied our territories as well? Not one, but several bases.

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Why fight China, when you are not fighting the U.S.? Why not be friends with China, when we are friends with the U.S.? When you have more Chinese blood in you that American. When you look and think more oriental than western. Then tell me about objectivity and tell me about fairness. Hypocrites!



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