Jake Zyrus on CR issue: “There are so many problems that we should face a lot more than this.

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slot oyunlari As such, the singer-songwriter revealed he does not feel the need to use a public male toilet in the Philippines, saying he opts to “respect” and “follow” the law.

novomatic slot oyna This topic was brought up amid persistent debates on whether transpeople should be permitted to use whichever restroom facilities that is in accordance with their gender identities.

g casino slots The issue blew up last month when a transwoman was barred from using a women’s restroom inside a mall.

Jake came out as a transman two years ago. He used to go to the male’s restroom but as he grew older, he realized not everyone agrees with how he sees himself.

“Not everyone believes in the beliefs that you believe in so nagsi-CR ako sa kung saan ako dapat mag-CR. I simply follow the law. I respect the law,” he said.

The issue is “not about sexuality anymore,” he said, adding it all boils down to a matter of understanding.

“This is not about the CR anymore — this is about how we are going to treat each other and how we are going to understand each other. This is not just about understanding me, understanding the LGBT community — this is both ways,” he said. “’Yun ang sinasabi ko na ‘Kapag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay.’ If someone doesn’t understand what you’re going through, if someone does not understand who you are, you simply opt to understand where they are coming from.”

Jake, who was previously known as Charice Pempengco, said people should not push their beliefs down other people’s throats.

Did he ever experience “discrimination” in his choice of public restrooms?

“Actually hindi pa naman… but it is no longer my problem if many would find it awkward that a transman like me uses a female restroom,” he pointed out.

“I am just following the law because it’s what they said, right? Biologically, I am a woman so I follow it.”

Fellow singer Ice Seguerra, also a transman, is batting for having gender-neutral restrooms.

Asked about his opinion on the matter, Jake said he would only approve of it if majority of Filipinos accept it.

“There are so many problems that we should face a lot more than this. I am more concerned of that. Pabor ako kung mababasa ko sa comments na okay na ang lahat,” he said.

Bulletin Entertainment caught up with Jake at the launch of his album “Evolution.” Produced by Star Music, it features his 2018 single, “Diamond,” an anthem about survival.

“The ‘Evolution’ title is not just about my transition, but the evolution of my life. It’s kind of like the theme song of every chapter of my life. Everything connects with my life, with my voice, hence, evolution,” Jake was quoted to have said in a release on the reason behind the album’s title.

Other tracks in the album are “DNM,” “Love Even If,” and “Tapestry.”

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