Dop Savellano Posadas captured and uploaded a video showing a group of men taunting on another person who’s already lying down after receiving several strikes.

It seems that the bystander knows the guy, one girl can be heard on the video saying that the man who’s lying down is Diego Montes, brother of Joaquin Montes and also a Taekwondo champion.

The reason why the commotion started was not yet known, but it can be heard that the man who’s allegedly Diego Montes was saying that he got bumped by one of the members of the other group.

Fortunately, some people tried to stop the men as Diego was already in a bad condition after the fight.

“Hahaha JOAQUIN MONTES inuna na nila kuya mo!! Buti d ka kasama!!”Dop Posadas said.

As of writing the video already received thousands of views and spreading like a wildfire on social media.

Yesterday, Ateneo faced another controversy after their high school student, Joaquin Montes captured in a video while showing dominance to his schoolmate.

Several videos showing Montes trying to show dominance to other students have also been uploaded on the internet.

It also became more controversial after they identified Montes as a professional Taekwondo athlete.

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