LOST BAGGAGE: OFW called for help for missing luggage

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OFW Pj Ampuan is appealing to fellow Filipinos to help him locate a “kabayan” who has taken his trolley bag. They were co-passengers of Kuwait Airways Flight No. 411 on May 4, 2016, from Jeddah to Manila.

As narrated by Mr. Ampuan, he asked “kabayan” for help because he had overweight baggage. Kabayan agreed to help. However, when they reached Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Mr. Ampuan lost contact with Kabayan and his effort to locate him at the airport were in vain. Unfortunately, Mr. Ampuan was not able to get the name of kabayan.

He only remembers kabayan telling him that he is from Davao and that he will be on vacation for three months. Mr. Ampuan says he had inquired at the NAIA Lost & Found office three times but his luggage was not there.

To Filipinos in Saudi Arabia who are reading this, if you know of a colleague or friend who took a Kuwait Airways flight on May 4 bound for Manila, and if that person is from Mindanao and going on vacation for three months, kindly contact him to be kind enough to get in touch with Mr. Ampuan at these numbers: coppia cerca uomo Parma +639 30408 8327 or +639 97241 2032

Source: donna cerca uomo Salerno Arab News

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