MRT girl finally sitting!

uomo cerca donna MRT girl or Karla Monique Olandesca is an MRT female passenger who made a controversial post about a man who didn’t feel obligated to offer her a seat.

uomo cerca uomo Milano This stirred up an issue among netizens because MRT girl is just outright mean and wrong. She became trending in an instant but what she did was cyber-bullying and everyone strongly disagreed with her statements.

coppia cerca uomo Genova Karla made unreasonable, aggressive, and insensitive remarks on her post about Aldrin Alco, the guy who didn’t offer his seat, posting pictures of him sitting innocently.

uomo cerca donna Caltanissetta Recently, photos of Karla sitting inside the MRT are circulating on social media and these caught the netizens’ attention, backlashing her once again.


It is unknown who took these photos, maybe a netizen who recognized her because of her viral post but what’s more important is that she’s finally sitting! Congratulations MRT girl!

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