President Rodrigo Duterte receives praise from westerners: “London needs him!”

gode netdating sider Despite President Rodrigo Duterte being poorly portrayed by the Western media, it seems that the Westerners are still amazed by what the Filipino leader is doing for his country.

dejta en player President Rodrigo Duterte has been featured by several international media websites this week after he watched the condemnation and public destruction of contraband luxury vehicles and motorbikes at Port Irene in Sta. Ana, Cagayan on July 30, 2018.

Grenaa A total of 68 smuggled vehicles worth over P277 million and eigh contraband luxury motorbikes worth P19 million were destroyed during that day as part of President Duterte’s campaign against smuggling and corruption in the government.

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dejtingsajter 40 Heavy Equipment was used to crush the vehicles, and despite being a motorbike lover, President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t show that he was affected while he’s watching some of his dream bikes to be destroyed.

A top U.K news website featured the news about the said event, and it gained praises from the British people, some even saying that Duterte’s style of governance is needed in their place.

Canuckgirl from Canada said that despite being “brutal” politicians like President Duterte needs to exist in the Philippines.

Red_Squirrel from Teesside, United Kingdom compared the Philippines and U.K, saying that in his country, only cigarettes and DVD’s were being destroyed.

Bagnes from Aland Islands said that Duterte is a “model for the rest of the world.”

Satley from Birmingham, United Kingdom said that Britain’s law “is too soft” and Duterte is needed to his lead U.K.

Mark Leel from London, United Kingdom described Duterte as a ‘politician who is doing what he said.”

Some British also brought up Duterte’s style of fighting criminality.

Mike from Countryside, United Kingdom believes that Duterte is serious in fighting illegal drugs.

Martin from Halifax, United Kingdom also described the death of some drug dealers during anti-illegal drug operations in the Philippines as “proper justice.”

A Brish Expat living in Tobaco City, Philippines also made a comment on how he witnessed the change during Duterte’s presidency.

Some British also made a joke over their disappointment while comparing Philippines’ style of fighting crime between the United Kingdom’s.

These are the other comments from the Britons:


Meanwhile, not all Britons were amazed by the idea to crush the smuggled vehicles, suggesting that it’s better for the government to sell the cars and give it’s profit to the poor.

However, some explained that if the smuggled cars were put in an action, there’s a big possibility that the smugglers are just going to join the bid and retrieve their vehicles.

You can watch the condemnation of smuggled cars below:

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