Presidential sister to Winnie Monsod: “Ang taas ng tingin sa sarili, mas maraming salita kesa sa gawa”

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donna cerca uomo Fiumicino Presidential sister Jocellyn Duterte-Villarica slammed broadcaster and writer Solida “Winnie” Monsod on her Facebook post when the latter suggested that President Rodrigo Duterte should have his mental health evaluated to see if he’s still fit to run the country.

Villarica said that people like Monsod think highly of themselves but they are only more on talk and no action.

“Your kind looks upon yourself as far superior than the average, more talk than action. I used to listen to your interviews and programs, impressive but “hanggang dyan lang yun”, she said.

She also advised Monsod to run for senator or president if she thinks she is good and superior.

“If you really believe that you are good and superior, then run for senator or the presidency and show them what you got,” she stated on her Facebook post.

Villarica said that if Monsod “want to say anything to the president, may it be good or bad, say it with due respect in accordance to his position.”

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Monsod made her suggestion after 28 psychiatrists and mental health experts in the United States published a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” by Bandy Lee, in which the American President is characterized as “bad,” and “abusive,” among others.

Monsod said that president Duterte already have an existing psychological evaluation courtesy of Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists.

Source: Source: Jocellyn Duterte-Villarica, NewsInfoLearn


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