Real Talk: Nurses are forced to accept regular clinical jobs without any compensation.

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oyun makinaları yasakmı Lawmakers on Sunday warned that the illegal practice of “false volunteers”—where nurses are forced to accept regular clinical jobs while given meager pay—would worsen after President Benigno Aquino III vetoed a bill that would have increase the entry-level pay hike of government nurses.

Ang Nars Rep. Leah Paquiz, one of the principal authors of the Comprehensive Nursing Law of 2016, lamented that Aquino had failed to consider equally important provisions in the bill that guarantee protection and security of tenure for nurses.

“We felt this bill is one way of eliminating the abuses and oppression committed against our nurses. This is not just about salary. This is about the welfare of our nurses, some of whom are living in shanties. We are giving them a living wage—a decent wage—and protection,” she said in an interview over dzBB.

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Source: The Standard

Photo Credit: Kickerdaily 

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