Samsung makes New Prototype “Safety Truck” to Enhance Road Safety

Samsung has been rolled out likely to implement a new technology with a concept of enhancing road safety that in turn lessens the number of traffic accidents. Samsung is anticipating with a new idea to life with a new prototype namely ‘Safety Trucks’ that will save the lives of drivers. Safety-Trucks are designed in such a way that the drivers will be able to see what is coming up ahead using an abundance of outdoor displays and assures that the vehicle can be safely passed. The Korean company wishes to roll out this new prototype track with Windows 10 guide and it has sewed together a video wall of displays on four sides at the rear of the truck. This new technology will transmit the video that gets captured by a wireless camera at the front of truck. The Korean company has come up with this new ‘Safety Trucks’ so as to reduce the high number of accidents in Argentina occurs on one-lane roads in overtaking situations.


Samsung is now looking for regulatory approval for this new Safety Truck. However, the idea of using large cameras for huge number of trucks doesn’t seem to be economically practical. The implementation of this idea requires major investment for any transport company as it is totally focused on road safety for avoiding traffic accidents. The high cost of installing four large screens on the back of every truck seems to be slight incentive for haulage companies(PC Windows 10 updates) to get on board particularly when they won’t receive direct financial gain through this idea.

Highlights of New “Safety Truck”

Built-In Wireless Camera at the Front of the Truck
Four Rear Outdoor Monitors
Large Display Screens
Night Vision Mode that helps drivers to view the vehicles even in darkness.
Safety Truck on Argentina Roads

Benefits of Safety Truck

Samsung has designed these trucks in order to avoid accidents in Argentina. These trucks travel on the One-Lane roads of Argentina through which the drivers of other vehicles can view whether any vehicle is coming in opposite direction. The Korean company decided to use these trucks so as to help the people who travel on Argentina roads.

Front Cameras of the truck captures the front vehicles and in turn displays them on the back of the truck.
Four Rear Outdoor monitors displays the video of vehicles coming in the front direction,
Road Accidents can be reduced gradually.
Improved technology that includes built-in wireless cameras that helps to capture the image.
Safety of the people travelling by vehicles can be enhanced.

In order to improve the road safety, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications will be introduced in future cars that are more useful and economically lucrative system. Currently, these systems are being developed by Ford, Volvo and many other manufacturing companies that let you to exchange the information such as your location, swiftness and the also determines the quality of road surface along with a feature of facing obstacles. Let us hope these trucks will be utilized in the best manner so that the percentage of accidents that happens on the Argentina roads can be reduced gradually.

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