Seems Like Karen Bordador Was Anti-Duterte From The Start

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butterflies oyna slot In his efforts to fight out drugs in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte have been name shaming a list of government officials and politicians since he assumed office on June 30, 2016. But the list did not stop there, Duterte said that they will go after drug pushers who were supplying drugs to celebrities and clubs in Makati, BGC and Libis. Last week they arrested DJ Karen Bordador and her boyfriend Emilio Lim.

mynet slot oyunları Lim has been on the watch list for some time now according to authorities, he was finally captured in a buy-bust operation conducted by the authorities, Bordador was also arrested. Bordador said that she was is not involve in any drug related activities but authorities said that she was the one who fetch the suitcase full of illegal substances.

 Her mother went to the District Anti-Illegal Drugs Division of the Southern Police District in Taguig to visit her daughter and insist that she does not use illegal drugs
Netizens have been posting online photos of Karen and her mom in an Roxas-Robredo shirt and baller indicating that they supported the rivals of President Rodrigo Duterte last elections.


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