Singapore Newspaper: Duterte and Lee Kuan aren’t the same

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coppia cerca donna Catania Despite both ruling with an iron fist, the late Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew is extremely different from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Singapore’s biggest newspaper said Friday.

uomo cerca donna Massa In a strongly-worded opinion piece, the Straits Times scoffed at commentaries that Yew and Duterte had similar administrative styles and nation-building approaches.

Yew, under an authoritarian rule, transformed Singapore from a third world to a first world country. He passed away in March 2015.

“The analogy would have been interesting except that it is laughably inappropriate,” wrote Global Affairs associate editor Ravi Velloor.

The first big difference between them, said the piece, was that Yew “was not a man to have a person’s life taken away without absolute attention to due process.”

Aside from this, the piece said Yew would never back away from a territorial claim “for the elusive promise of a few bags of silver in development aid.”
The Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled last July that China’s economic claim on the South China Sea was without basis.

It also warned against signs that Duterte may be endangering the Philippines’ once promising economic future.
“Global investors have turned skittish in recent weeks as his coarse tongue and take-no-prisoner methods get attention,” it said, citing the Peso dropping to a seven-year low.

ABS-CBN News,Photo by Philippine Star

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