Sotto to Trillanes’ gimmicks: Mahiya ka naman sa akin, wag naman nilang abusuhin ang kabutihan ng Senado

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uomo cerca trans Ravenna Senate President Vicente Sotto III warned Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the members of the opposition for urging the public to swarm the Senate building to protect the latter from a possible arrest.

In his statement, Sotto expressed his annoyance by Trillanes’ different gimmicks inside the Senate building.

According to him, Trillanes’ should not abuse the sanctuary which given to him to by the Senate to prevent the authorities from arresting him.

Mahiya naman sila sa akin, ‘wag naman nila abusuhin,” Sotto told the reporters.

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Sotto explained that the minority senators should not invite the public to go to the building on the weekend because the Senate is closed during that time.

“I was expecting them to help me preserve the integrity and the sanctity of the institution and not abuse the hospitality of the Senate leadership,” Sotto said.

He also said that he would not allow Sen. Trillanes and his supporters to hold a mass this upcoming weekend at the Senate.

Sotto suggested that if Trillanes’ supporters want to hold a mass, they should do it outside the Senate building.

“(There’s) no need. There is a church nearby. Senate is closed on weekends. Only staff of senators are allowed,” he said.

Sotto also shared that they’re planning to turn off air-conditioning on weekends to save energy.

“We have to turn off air-conditioning at certain times and on weekends because it will bog down if they don’t,” Sotto said.

“We are just accommodating Sen. Trillanes. I hope his supporters will not abuse our patience,” he added.

Sotto is the one who told the authorities that he would not allow arresting Trillanes inside the Senate premises.

Because of the protection given to him by the Senate, Trillanes decided to stay in the Senate until the Supreme Court already decided the proclamation of President Rodrigo Duterte which considered his amnesty void.

In a statement, Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan urged the supporters of the opposition to come to the Senate.

“We call on friends and supporters who value democracy to come to the Senate and show their support for Senator Sonny. Our presence there will hopefully make those affecting the illegal arrest think twice.” Pangilinan said.

Because of the statement of Pangilinan, hundreds of opposition supporters surrounded the Senate building to protect Sen. Trillanes from being arrested, while the VIPs were allowed to meet the fiercest critic of the government personally.

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