Tips in Applying Abroad

Working abroad has a huge  dramatic impact for many Filipinos’ lives today. Filipinos are widely known for being trustworthy, smart and fast learners. Employers overseas, especially in the Middle East, prefer to have Filipino employees because Filipinos can understand and speak English very well, apart from being hard workers.



If you are planning to work abroad, these tips will guide you to the right and proper way to apply for work abroad.


  1. You must be physically fit.
Physical fitness is a very important requirement for those who want to work aboard. This is a crucial stage in processing your application. Many people are denied to work abroad because they are not fit to work due to their medical condition. Even if you are qualified for the job, but your medical results state “NOT FIT TO WORK”, you still won’t get the job. So the first thing to do is to see a physician and get a medical checkup. Get an x-ray for your lungs and urine, stool and blood test, so that your effort, time and money will not be wasted.
  1. Complete you documents


Your documents are also very important in applying for your desired job abroad. Before looking for recruitment agencies, you must have complete documents such as passport, transcript of record, certificate of employment, etc. otherwise recruitment agencies won’t pay much attention to your application and will choose other applicants that posses complete documents.

  1. Applying online

Searching a job online is a better option than walk-in applications. This is because most of the companies and recruitment agencies can now be found easily in the internet where they also post their vacancies and requirements. But applicants must be very careful in applying online. Some websites may actually be scam. is recommended for those who are looking job abroad. All the agencies accredit by POEA can found in this website.


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  1. Choose good and reputable agencies

Choosing a recruitment agency is one of the keys to succeed in finding a good job abroad. Good agencies do not collect your money before you fly to the country of employment. Usually, a good agency offers no placement or salary deduction. You can find reputable and top performing agencies
  1. Placement fee rule
Placement fee should not exceed to 1 month basic salary. You can pay it after you signed the contract. Ask for official receipt. Make sure that the amount you paid must be the same amount written on the receipt.
If you are seafarer, household worker (DH, Nanny) you don’t have to give a placement fee for these jobs. Also, there is no need to pay a placement fee if you are bound to US (H2b Visa), UK, JAPAN, New Zealand, Canada.


  1. Do a research about the country you will be deployed to

The POEA conducts a Pre-Departure Orientation and Seminar (PDOS) about do’s and don’ts for OFWs. There are also pamphlets about different countries that you may be deployed to. But it is best to do a personal research about the country where you will be working. Know the basic rules and regulations of a certain country to not get in any trouble. Also, it is a preparation for you to not be culturally shocked to the norms and lifestyle of the people in a certain country.

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