To Kris Aquino, with love and HIGH BLOOD

dating sider enlig forældre To Kris Aquino, with love and HIGH BLOOD!
Congrats for as of this writing you already have 2k++ likes on your recent IG post.

So Ma’am, you are still not getting the whole point. You’re still pursuing in making people look stupid to accept what you did was just acceptable in whatever way you want to see it. HINDI PO KAMI TANGA!!! We don’t care how much taxes have you paid to the government. It doesn’t justify anything. It doesn’t make you get away with anything. It doesn’t make you greater than all of us. Your tax is just proportional to what you earn! Don’t make it look like we owe you anything ‘coz we don’t!

Can you just accept the fact that what you did was unethical and downright insult to every single Filipino? With this additional insult to injury, you just made it even harder for you to redeem yourself. Surely, this will backfire to any candidate you endorse. And you just tainted your Aquino name than ever before. Sad.
Wrong move. Just wrong move. Sayang. Sayang.


chr datingsite

I pressed Report on your IG entry. I just think your post deserves to be reported for abuse and plain stupidity.

dejtingsajter test 2017


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