Urdaneta Mayor Amadeo Perez wants to ban all muslim in his city




Mayor Amadeo Perez IV has ordered to evict all the “Muslims/Moro”  in Urdaneta City.

He is giving a three week deadline to all the members of Moro community in the said City to live in another place as a part of his plan to fight illegal drugs in Urdaneta.

He requested all the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod to push an ordinance stopping the entry of “Muslims/Moro” in Urdaneta City.

Residents of the these  Compound in Barangay Camantiles, Uradaneta last week was already demolished their houses to end the rumours that the Mayor is protecting drug pushers in the area.


According to the statistics of the PDAE, the identified drug-infested villages in Urdaneta City are the places where the “Muslims/Moro” are living, 84% of them are involved in illegal drugs.

A group who are PRO-Islam criticised the decision of the Mayor, they believe that his order is very discriminating and against the constitution.

Netizens also questioned the legality of the act of the Urdaneta City Mayor.

The supporters of Mayor Amadeo Perez defended his orders, they believe that banning all the muslims in Urdaneta is the only way to exterminate the drug trade in the city.

Source: Pinoy Trending

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