Vice Ganda para kay Digong?

During the final presidential debate hosted by ABS-CBN, it is not just the ordinary citizens were following the last face-face of the candidates held in Pangasinan. Celebrities were also tweeting their opinions.

One of those who joined the twitter war for #PiliPinasDebates was the Showtime host and comedian Vice Ganda.

On issues about contractualization, each candidate did answer and share their own versions of how to deal with ENDO or the 5-month traditional hiring for employees to avoid regularizations.

Vice Ganda tweeted and left a challenging questions to the candidates that somehow gives a hint that he is siding Duterte.

#PiliPinasDebates2016 Di pala kayo pabor sa ENDO e bakit di nyo ginawan ng paraan nung mga senador pa at bise presidente kayo?

— jose marie viceral (@vicegandako) April 24, 2016

 The unkabogable comedian is referring to the senators and Vice President. That means his tweet is against Sen.Grace Poe, Sen.Santiago,and ex-senator Mar Roxas and VP Binay. Duterte has never been in the senate.

Vice Ganda, known for being a political minded celebrity, has never expressed his own presidential candidate. He hasn’t endorsed one also on TV. So the question remains a question. Will he vote for Duterte? Let’s see

SOURCE: Duterte News

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