WATCH: Braso ng babaeng nahulog sa MRT, naibalik na

Just one week after the incident happened on LRT when a man whose foot got stuck between its doors, another tragic accident shocked many and this time took place on MRT at Ayala station.

24-year-old Angeline Fernando lost her right arm yesterday in an accident that took place at MRT Ayala station. The CCTV footage of the event was shared on national television last night to show how the incident took place in the perspective of the CCTV. However, the extent of the accident was not clearly shown as the CCTV was positioned meters away from the scene

Luckily, a post graduate medical intern at Chinese General Hospital named Charlie Jandic came to the rescue and immediately gave Fernando first aid through placing a tourniquet around her wounded arm.

Fernando was rushed to Makati Medical Center and in less than 24 hours, surgeons were able to reconnect back her arm. She will be under observation until Friday but as of now, the 24-year-old passenger is already in stable condition.


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