WATCH: Davao City Central 911 can really response in less than 1 minute.

Davao City is one of only three areas in world, after the United States and Canada, to have the Integrated Emergency Response System 911. Called Central Communications and Emergency Response Center (Central 911), it has already received more than half a million distress calls since its inception in 2002.

The Central 911 was officially launched in September 2002 “to address emergency calls for criminal incidents needing police assistance,” according to a document obtained by this author. But as years went by, it has done more than that. Today, it now has the capability to respond to almost any type of emergency.

Watch the Video below

“Aside from police services, it also caters to emergency medical services, urban search and rescue operations, fire auxiliary services, and K-9 units,” the document said. “The presence and the availability of a response mechanism resulted to increased awareness among the constituents and visitors of Davao City to report crime and emergency incidents, which serves to mitigate or avoid further aggravating the situations and minimize the loss of lives and properties.”

Source: CNN Philippines , Businessmirror

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