WATCH! Duterte Slams PhilStar Reporter: ‘Pinapainit mo ang ulo ko’

President Rody Duterte arrived at the Davao City International Airport after a long and successful state visit Brunei and the People’s Republic of China bringing with him billions of dollars of investments. During the arrival of Pres. Duterte gives an opportunity to reporters to answer questions but one PhilStar Reporter made the President angry.

PhilStar reporter Edith Regalado asks several questions to Pres. Duterte after she was introduced by Presidential Communications Sec. Martin Andanar. The PhilStar reporter asks that while visiting China he made pronouncements about severing ties with the US, the President immediately answered No, because the Philippines is not severing ties but only separated from the US.

Edith Regalado continued to asked the President on when he would come out with a written order on severing ties with the US with respect to the military and economic agreements with our former ally.

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When the PhilStar reporter noted that she will give her second question, Pres. Duterte told her that it was his third because the first question was already answered with a “No” by Pres. Duterte.

The second or third question which was answered by Pres. Duterte in a more elaborate manner was about the Meiring case that caused the statements of Pres. Duterte that he is more than ready and willing to resign his post as President once the US could proved that he is wrong on his pronouncements about various international issue particularly the participation of the United States in various international conflicts that resulted to failed states in the Arab World.

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