Watch: Marcos ordered not to shoot the crowd in EDSA

dejta justin bieber A video uploaded by GovPH on youtube shows Ferdinand Marcos last days in the Malacanang Palace together with the Press ordering his AFP Chief Ver Fabian to disperse the EDSA crowd without shooting the rallyist.

Mosjøen “My order is to disperse without shooting them.” President Marcos said to Fabian Ver.

plus 50 dating But after that, President Marcos gives a kill order to Gen. Ver to attack Camp Crame on February 1986, but Ver’s soldiers decided to disobeyed the orders.

Strömstad Days later when the rebels controlled 85 percent of the nation’s military and the democracy seekers is nearly captured Malacanang, the Marcos family decided fled and the era of the Ferdinand Marcos ends on February 25, 1986.


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