Wikileaks founder find Rappler’s article the stupidest one.

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games 4 king oda oyunları Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange tweeted that the conspiracy theory of media website Rappler about online bots, him and an alliance that has infiltrated the Philippines is the most ‘stupid article’ he had ever read.

internetten casino oynamak “This article in Rappler is literally the stupidents article I have ever read. The evidence of a Russian plot is that I tweeted a link TO RAPPLER.” Assange tweeted.

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His response gathered thousands of tweets from the critics of the media website.

A netizen even said that Rappler is not competent to write about online bots and their claims was a laughing stock in the techworld.

Natashya Gutierrez, the writer of the article about Assange, said that she’s willing to get the side of the Wikileaks founder.

The article of Rappler which Assange was mentioned is about the alleged online trolls hired by the Russian government to spread propaganda.

They even showed a screenshot of a Twitter user who they suspected as “part of an online army of robot profiles who, armed with gasoline canisters brimming with fake news, stalk social media and fan the flames of debate as ordered by their generals”.

Rappler accused Twitter user @Ivan226622 of being an online troll account handled by Russian propagandists.

According to the media website, Ivan who’s active in sharing articles of media website Russia Today and Sputnik before, suddenly started to tweet about Philippine issues.

The Wikileaks founder responded in the theory of Rappler about @Ivan226622 and according to him, showed that the suspected online troll was already sharing news about the Philippines since 2013.

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